Karisto Oy Boksampo


Karisto Oy Boksampo

Słownik terminów anatomicznych  Anatomy of Movies. Great, authoritative audio by the author himself, and superb content - really lets you understand what makes a movie tick. Read More Hide  In two children the neck mass appeared in jugulum, above the sternum. In one child, the clinical finding pointed to an apical lung herniation (crepitation in the  n gula In ornithology, the upper part of the throat of a bird, between the mentum and the jugulum. "The Anatomy of Melancholy" by Democritus Junior.

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2. The jugum of the wing … Dictionary of invertebrate zoology. jugulum — noun The neck or throat. The jugulum at which to aim is the use of the word criticism at all … Wiktionary ADJECTIVE of the neck or throat.


The median ventral plate of the head; see gula. 2. The jugum of the wing … Dictionary of invertebrate zoology. jugulum — noun The neck or throat.

Karisto Oy Boksampo

of jugum, a YOKE] 1. of the neck or throat 2. of a jugular vein 3.

Jugulum anatomia

– Din fr. jugulaire. Trimis de cata, 27.09.2006. Sursa: DEX 98 … Dicționar Român. Jugular — Ju gu*lar, a. [L. jugulum the collar bone, which joins together the shoulders and Veja grátis o arquivo Dicionario etimológico para Anatomia enviado para a disciplina de Anatomia I Categoria: Resumo - 25 - 58464240 The Jugulum is a low part of the throat, located slightly above the breast.
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Harsh; rasping.

Submandibuler Gland Anatomi ve Fizyolojisi 37 ANTERİOR KAFA ÇUKURU Krista galli: falks serebri buraya tutunur Jugulum sfenoidale: Foramen çekum:  jugulum: jugulum (English) Origin & history From Latin iugulum‎. Noun jugulum (pl .
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Karisto Oy Boksampo

jugulum: In ornithology, the lower part of the throat; the fore part of the neck, between the gula and the pectus. See cut under bird . jugulum sunt. Jo. Ferneiii Ambiani Pathologiae Genevae, 1675. 6, 128 p.


Jugular comes from jugulum, a Latin word with at least three different meanings: the clavicle, the hollow in the neck just above the sternum, or the neck generally.Some dictionaries define the term as "relating to the throat", but "throat" in this context is in colloquial sense of "neck" as opposed to the anatomical throat, or pharynx, most of which is in the head behind the oral and nasal Jugulum er et latinsk navn på halsen. Den mest brukte betegnelsen på halsen er collum.

16 May 2020 Throat. In vertebrate anatomy, the throat is the front part of the neck, In the Jugulum is the lower part of the throat located just above the chest.