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In the Douglas County School District south of Denver, teachers submit  A survey of literature reveals that the teaching portfolio is generally perceived as a powerful and efficacious tool in learning processes (for example, Gibbs,. 1989  I aspire to teach them to appreciate the enormous usefulness of mathematics and to understand our dependence on ideas relying on mathematical foundations. By   Teaching Resource: Use this template to create your own professional teaching portfolio when attending interviews for teaching jobs. One concrete example of this is some of my research projects which have focussed on teaching practices; e.g. my article on the subject and intertextuality in   funding to produce a publication on teaching portfolios in Ireland.

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Creating a Teaching Portfolio: Planning Ahead for Academic Advancement. 1. Creating a Teaching Include a sample course calendar that indicates the  One venue for such a shift, for example, may be seen in the current evolution in teacher evaluation systems used by the schools and districts. Veteran teachers  student teaching competencies in 10 CTC areas. The department recommended that students use CTC and NCATE standards to serve as guides for portfolio  For example, one of my Anatomy & Physiology students decided to become an acupuncturist rather than a lab technologist following my lecture on the respiratory  C. Sample Research Assignments.

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A. Goals . My primary teaching goal is to mindfully link what I know and continue to learn about chemistry to the courses I teach. With these goals kept firmly in mind, my teaching philosophy centers on three broad principles: Teaching is a profession that one cannot be taken for granted, sometimes it is frustrating and exhausting, but these are taken away by just one small smile of the child. I present this portfolio for you to read about my philosophy of teaching and experiences during my Practice Teaching/Off-Campus Training.

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2017-05-02 · teaching activities and solid evidence of their effectiveness. Just as in a curriculum vitae, all claims in the portfolio should be supported by firm empirical evidence.” From Peter Seldin, et al. The Teaching Portfolio: A practical guide to improved performance and promotion/tenure decisions. 4th edition; Jossey-Bass 2010. Teaching Strategy Good teaching is about effectively putting these principles into practice.

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example, she gave us some simple topics that we WRITING THE COMPONENTS OF THE PORTFOLIO EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY STATEMENT In 1‐2 pages, describe your approach to education and the principles that underlie your teaching.
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Non-applicable sections have been removed and the document renumbered accordingly. John Doe, MD, PhD 2/21/2017 1 Teaching Portfolio John Doe, MD, PhD 1. Institutional Teaching … Teaching Portfolio. Enthusiastic elementary educator providing creative lessons and engaging classroom instruction to promote the goals of literacy, critical-thinking, problem solving, collaboration skills and applications to everyday life for all students. Sample C1 . As a second grade teacher, teaching reading it is imperative that I know my students. I have leveled reading books to make sure the student is being challenged yet applying the important reading skill that we are working on.

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The portfolio is to teaching what lists of publications, grants and the goal of the Teaching Portfolio. For example, if you want to emphasize your efforts toward improving your teaching skills, the contents of your Teaching Portfolio would revolve around this central focus. Ideally, the organization of the evidence allows you to consolidate a variety of documents under one theme.

* From: R. Edgerton, P. Hutchings, and K. Quinlan, "The Teaching Portfolio: Capturing the Scholarship of Teaching," a publication of the A teaching portfolio is a record of your professional development as a teacher. It illustrates your philosophy of teaching and your overall approach to teaching and professional development.